Who We Are

Inspire. Create. Lead

‘Be The Change’ has extensive experience working with youth, adults and teachers around the world. Utilising our teaching background and vast cultural experiences, through proven leadership ability, communication skills and our desire to engage and transform lives we previously have:

  • Equipped and inspired clients to gain clarity in their lives, make necessary changes to achieve their goals, redesign their careers, restore relationships and ultimately create the life they desire
  • Provided teacher training and support to teachers in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Vanuatu, India and Australia
  • Inspired youth through interactive workshops and through key note speaking engagements for thousands of young people in schools and at conferences around Australia.
  • Provided NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) teacher training for teachers in Victoria
  • Transformed women’s lives through our women empowerment workshops, and
  • Founded a charity that educates children living in extreme poverty by establishing a school in Zimbabwe.

Megan is a leadership coach, teacher trainer, education consultant, motivational speaker, teacher, mentor and a philanthropist. Her career so far has led her to teach in government and private schools; lead volunteer programs to India, Zimbabwe and Vanuatu; be the Victorian Advocacy Leader of The Oaktree Foundation; establish Edge Foundation – a charity that educates children in extreme poverty and transform lives through interactive workshops and coaching.

Her passion is to enable people from all backgrounds, ages and walks of life to live a life filled with love, passion, opportunities, and joy so that they can be leaders of their own destiny by creating a life worth living, not only for themselves but for those whom they come in contact with.

Megan is a member of the International Coaching Guild, certified NLP Practitioner and holds a Bachelor of Education Degree (Distinction).

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