Thank you for choosing ‘be the change’ for your school needs.

We understand how schools operate and that not all schools have the same needs. We have had over a decade of experience working within both the private and public sectors and within a primary and secondary school setting within Australia and internationally.

We specialise in developing tailor made programs to address the needs within your school. Whether it be running professional development programs for your staff, workshops and key note speaking engagements for your students or working with both staff and students to create the outcome you desire. We are here for your school’s needs.

School Workshops

We cater workshops for primary school and secondary schools needs. We provide professional development
for staff, as well as interactive and engaging workshops for students. Our workshops are engaging, informative and equip both staff and students with resources that have practical application. All our workshops incorporate Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Meta Dynamics.

Teacher Professional Development Training Workshops:

  • Igniting the Joy of Teaching
  • Success Principles for Teaching and Learning
  • How to bring Learning to Life
  • Leadership Training

Student Workshops:

  • Design your Destiny (this workshop can include yoga and meditation and is better suited for once a week over six weeks)
  • Make a Change
  • Be a Leader
  • Your Life, Your Hands

School Leadership Training

  • Utilise the Benchmark Model for leadership so that innovation and creativity is supported and encouraged within the school by all members of the team
  • Create a culture for high performance
  • Provide a structure for excellence that doesn’t choke innovation, but encourages it.
  • Maintain standards that don’t turn into bureaucracy

If you would like more information on the programs available, or if you would like us to cater a workshop for your schools needs then please contact ‘be the change’ as we would love to hear from you.


Megan Jaworski, from ‘Be the Change,’ conducted small group workshops with our Year 5 girls over a period of 4 weeks. She provided a fun and engaging program which helped improve students’ self-esteem and team work skills as well as identifying how their beliefs shape their ‘reality’. Megan was a positive, enthusiastic burst of energy and conducted herself professionally with both staff and students. She was able to challenge students in a safe and supportive manner and her feedback after each session was extensive. This provided us with invaluable tools for the classroom.

Krystal Freeman and Kate Rees

Haileybury Brighton Campus

I wanted to thank you again for sharing this with the class. It made some things finally make sense to me which I have been struggling to understand for a while. I have seen a lot, I mean a lot of therapists and professionals in the last year and a half but nothing has made this much sense to me before. It has seriously encouraged me. Thank you so much.

Year 9 Student

I have learnt that to move from self-blame and dysfunctionality in life to a fulfilling life YOU must find the movement on the inside. Only YOU can choose to make a move…you must stop focusing on the problem but start devoting the time to the solution.


I know I need to stop blaming my teachers and parents for the results I am getting. If I want better grades then I need to change my attitude.

Year 9 Student

I am now choosing to be happy. Thank you for teaching me that happiness is a choice and helping me with strategies to be happy.

Year 10 Student

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