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I began working with Megan in early 2014. Megan has helped me understand my personality traits, the good and the bad, and taught me strategies to deal with situations in a way that I like more than the way I have done in the past. She has opened my eyes to seeing things from other peoples’ perspective and helped me enjoy life each and every day. Megan is so loving and caring that you always feel that she is in your corner no matter what. She wants you to get great results!! I would, and have, highly recommend Megan. She puts love, passion and fun in to everything she does.

Andrea Jenkins

Financial Coach, Jenbury Financial

I first met Megan early 2014 after she joined my BNI chapter. As I’ve listened to her and then met with her one-to-one I’ve been impressed with what she has done in her life and the knowledge she willingly shares with others.

Recently I had the experience of receiving coaching advice from her and what she told me about me, really made me take notice. She asked questions that made me realise things I hadn’t thought about before. It’s got my brain ticking over again and coming up with possibilities for my business and my own life. Having been in business for many, many years, I was finding it hard to come up with new thoughts and ideas.

Thank you Megan for being such an insightful and caring person. I definitely recommend Megan to anyone who is looking to more forward in their lives and their businesses.

Kathie M Thomas

Virtual Assistant, Author, Nature Photographer, Business Owner, A Clayton's Secretary

Megan Jaworski, from ‘Be the Change,’ conducted small group workshops with our Year 5 girls over a period of 4 weeks. She provided a fun and engaging program which helped improve students’ self-esteem and team work skills as well as identifying how their beliefs shape their ‘reality’. Megan was a positive, enthusiastic burst of energy and conducted herself professionally with both staff and students. She was able to challenge students in a safe and supportive manner and her feedback after each session was extensive. This provided us with invaluable tools for the classroom.

Krystal Freeman and Kate Rees

Haileybury Brighton Campus

Megan’s workshops are such a worthwhile investment in my personal development. In just one workshop, I was able to recognise and acknowledge a dysfunctional behaviour I had been carrying out in my relationship in order to receive love and attention. In the same workshop, I gained the understanding and tools I needed to change this behaviour and move forward in a much more constructive and healthy way. My relationship has been better ever since and more importantly, I am no longer acting in a way that truly doesn’t serve me. Thank you Megan!

I went to my first life coaching workshop ever with “Be the Change” last month and in just one session I saw what kind of support was available to me. It changed my way of thinking about many things that happen in my day to day life and although I’m far from “sorted out”, I am now on the path to achieving what I want to achieve in life because I know there are resources out there to help me. Meeting like minded people and seeing how Megan coordinates her workshops made all the difference in changing my attitude.


I have been inspired since the last workshop to really focus on my values and put the skills learned at the training into practice every day. Thank you for helping me to refocus and enjoy my life.


I wanted to thank you again for sharing this…It made some things finally make sense to me which I have been struggling to understand for a while. I have seen a lot, I mean a lot of therapists and professionals in the last year and a half but nothing has made this much sense to me before. It has seriously encouraged me. Thank you so much.

Year 9 Student

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