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Welcome to Be The Change, we are here to help and assist you. We know you are passionate about being the best person you can be and we are experts in helping you to become that. Whether that’s by assisting you to create a lasting change in your life, career or relationships, we want to be a part of your transformation, your growth, and your development to be all that you want to be to make your life better, which in effect, makes the world a better place too – because change must first start with us. There are many benefits for using be the change and partnering with us for your coaching, professional development, workshop facilitation or key note speaking needs. As Ghandi once said ‘we must be the change we want to see in the world’. We truly believe that how we want the world to be, it must first become a part of who we are. And that is why we are passionate about what we do. We don’t just coach; we educate, inspire and create programs that work for you and your personal and/or professional needs. Welcome to be the change, it is a privilege to partner with you. Megan Jaworski Founder of Be The Change

What We Do

We are passionate about creating change in people’s lives, whether it be through your school, business, personal life, or organisation. Please click on the following links to find out more about the various programs we offer:


With an experienced coach by your side you can begin to think differently, overcome fears holding you back and start to lead the life that you want to create in order to make your world a better place.

Personal Coaching

At ‘Be The Change’ we provide personalised coaching that will help you create the life you desire. Each coaching session will focus on an area that is relevant to your needs to help direct and shift you in order to make the necessary changes to reach your goals.


We tailor make programs that are designed for your specific needs. It may be in your school, workplace, community centre or church. We cater our workshop to maximise the value we add to your organisation.

School Programs

We understand how schools operate and that not all schools have the same needs. We have had over a decade of experience working within both the private and public sectors and within a primary and secondary school setting within Australia and internationally.

Leadership Coaching

More than ever before people are wanting strong, influential leaders to rise up and lead. At ‘Be The Change’ we are passionate about developing your leadership skills in order to create the change you desire.

Key Note Speaking

With many years’ experience presenting on topics ranging from mindset, leadership and success to inspirational stories about her volunteer work over in Africa and in India, Megan has built a reputation as a high demand event Key Note Speaker.

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Founder and CEO of Be The Change Coaching.
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